Say goodbye to mass boredom

Show your clients and prospects they’re not just one of the herd. With personalised video, they’re not just a number, and they’re certainly not a farm animal. Connect with each person by weaving their personal & unique details into a video.



What do you want to target? Insurance premiums going through the roof and you want to demonstrate the impact - can do. Options on setting up an SMSF - consider it done. There are so many options - just ask, almost anything is possible.


You collect intergenerational info right? But what do you do with it? How about a video to the people who are going to inherit your client's money at some stage, that uses their name and demonstrates how you're looking after their loved ones. 


Give us a name, a risk profile, and an account balance and we'll have a personalised video done in seconds. Choose your call to action; no change in my circumstances; things have changed - we should meet; I have questions - give me a call. The options are endless.


You should get use to leads coming in from your website -  there's a video there showing new prospects how awesome you are. But what happens next? They fill in their name, they get a video with their name on it asking some pre-qualification questions, that then gives you data for the next video and so on. You choose how much automations a new lead receives. 


Yawn, here we go again, no I don't want to know what is going on in China - unless of course this is specifically related to me somehow. Personalised video gives you the power to engage your clients with important and relevant info - and our tracking function doesn't hurt when it comes to proving the services you've delivered in you FDS either. 


Did someone say digital SoA? A truly digital SoA will be full of video. Would you prefer half a page of text to explain a concessional super contribution, or would you prefer a 15 second video? What about all of those pages explaining risk and return and asset allocation - build a tracked video so you know your clients have engaged with the explanation - you can even get them to answer questions at the end to demonstrate their understanding.

Logiro Portfolio Introduction 1

This is the first of four videos used to introduce the new Logiro Managed Accounts to clients and it was emailed to clients prior to the first adviser meeting. 


Logiro Portfolio Introduction 2

This is the first of four videos used to introduce the new Logiro Managed Accounts to clients and it was played for clients during the first adviser meeting IF they had not watched the video that was emailed to them. 

Logiro Portfolio Introduction 3

This is the third in a series of four videos used to introduce the new Logiro portfolios. This video is sent to clients after the first meeting introduces the client's actual risk profile together with more information on asset allocation.