What's a flow I hear you ask?

The Enveeo team has been hard at work to help automate the Enveeo videos into the day to day processes that our clients follow. This ensures that you are continually engaging with your clients without having to manually send out videos.

So a 'flow' is a predefined workflow process that extracts the required data needed for each video, automatically merges that video and simply sends the email to your client without your team lifting a finger.



Let's take a look at an example around generating leads based on the need for Income Protection.


extract data

The flow can be designed to automatically extract data from systems such as Xero. So, in this example, a flow could be established to look for accounting clients in Xero that have an income but have no equivalent income protection.


Create the
Personalised Video

The extracted data is then merged to create the personalised video for the recipient. In the case of this Income Protection video we can also create additional data that might be relevant, ie., from an annual income amount and age we can work out the potential future income that can be insured.


Send the video

The personalised video is then sent to the recipient. If this income protection video is being utilised as an automated lead generation tool, a call to action form can be added at any point during or at the end of the video to capture the details of the recipient for follow up.