Introducing Personalised Video

Ever receive an email (or a letter!) that says “Dear Client”. I know the words say client, but my brain says no, not any more. You know my name, you’ve written it down loads of times, and I pay you to do things for me – I’M SPECIAL, USE MY NAME!!!

Plenty of people can do a “Dear Client” video for you. We can do Dear Bill, Hi Jane, G’day Brian, How you going Max, and pretty much any other greeting you can think of and any name of any client. That’s the power of personalised video.

Say Goodbye to low engagement emails.




Say Goodbye to
Low Engagement Emails



Video Templates

Creating video templates is challenging and for a great result, it's also expensive. That's why the Enveeo team is hard at work building video templates for a range of industries that might suit what you are after. Using templated videos takes the hard work out and allows you to get started sooner.






Track Engagement

The Enveeo platform provides you with visibility around the engagement that each of your clients or leads is having with your videos. We call this the Enveeo Engagement Index and it allows you to visibily compare each of your campaigns to see what your client's are engaging with.

Greater engagement = better client relationships.







We've all heard about campaigns and how they're great for marketing. But now your campaigns can include personalised videos for every recipient for true engagement.

And yes, of course we provide all the tracking and data for each of your campaigns and every single video that you create.






Campaign Runs

You probably have not heard about Campaign Runs. This unique feature allows you to set up a Campaign and then add more recipients to that Campaign through unlimited Campaign Runs. This provides a myriad of advantages such as automating new videos within a campaign over days, weeks or months.







Flows are also unique to Enveeo and allow you to automate the generation and sending of your personalised videos. Imagine being able to send videos without lifting a finger.

Well, now it's possible.






Calls to action

Wow, automated personalised videos are great. But what's the point of this unless you can engage with the recipient and get them to do what you are seeking. Well, our Call to Action feature allows this to occur as you can insert a Call to Action form at any point during or at the end of the video to capture the data you need as the video is viewed.






Video Analytics

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Every platform has analytics. But how powerful would it be to see all the viewing data of a personalised video. ie., when the client watched, how much they watched, which sections they rewatched. This is powerful data that will help you focus in on the areas of interest to each client.

Oh, and yes, this is what the Enveeo platform provides you.






Broadcast Videos

Ever wanted to record a quick video of something relevant to your clients and send it out quickly and easily? Well, now you can with our Broadcast Video feature.

And what's awesome with this? You get all the video analytics on who's watching what, when and how through the platform's video analytics.