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March 2018

How much a typical promo video costs?

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Gain an understanding of the costs of creating your own videos and see how cost effective the Enveeo Marketplace is.
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January 2018
Great feedback from our beta testers! We've delivered another most requested feature. You can now download the data file from a Campaign Run
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Quickly and easily search for data in your Campaign Runs
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December 2017
We are excited to announce the arrival of Broadcast Videos!
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As the year comes to a close we couldn't leave without giving our beta users another most requested feature!
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We are excited to announce three new features based on early beta feedback.
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Today marks a major milestone for Enveeo with the release of our beta platform. We are excited to gain as much feedback from our beta customers as possible before our full launch late Q1 2018! This is a full beta of all the platform features and you can be sure that we'll keep adding exciting features to the platform throughout the beta test phase. Read on for a complete list of features released today!
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October 2017

Video Best Practices for everyone !

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In a day and age where most companies are using video as part of their marketing activities, it is crucial to approach each video strategically in order to make sure it resonates with your audience and drives the results you’re looking for.
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